Wood Bugs

Pill Bug

They are associated to bugs but they actually belong to the subphylum Crustacea which are closely related to shrimps and crayfishes. They are the only crustacean that can live on land for their entire life. They have a life span of two years. You can easily identify pill bugs because they curl up when they are disturbed or threatened.
They are mostly found in damp areas. If they enter a building without enough moisture, they will dry up and die. They are considered as scavengers and they feed on live and dead plants and insects, as well as, animal debris. They even eat their own feces.

Female pill bugs carry their eggs in a pouch called marsupium. It is formed by their overlapping thoracic plates underside their bodies. The eggs will stay on the pouch until the eggs are hatched. The hatched pill bugs will stay for an additional several days on the pouch before their mother will let them explore the world on their own.


Weevils are actually beetles but are misidentified as bugs. They are about 1/8” up to 1” depending on the species. They are very slender and have an oval-shaped body while their color ranges from dark brown to black. Adult weevils have an elongated head which forms a snout at the tip. They use this to chew their food, wood.

Weevils feed on wood on their larvae stage until they become adults. They can cause extensive damages. They are mostly found on farms, fields, and orchards. However, some species are considered as structural pests. Structural weevils are seasonal. Some weevils invade during fall, hide during winter and migrate on the spring. They feed on tree trunks, ornamental plants, and many more at homes.

Weevils lay their eggs near the host plant; when these eggs are hatched, the larvae burrows beneath the ground and feed on the plant’s roots in order to sustain life. Most larvae spend their time beneath and emerge on the surface as adults.

There are a lot more. These are just some of the common pests that are found at home. They may not be very destructive but their presence will surely disturb you. They may cause itches; they may crawl around your food storage and even eat your food. Check your houses regularly for wood bugs and other kinds of pests. You might be surprised when they become large in numbers unknowingly.

Wood bugs and other types of pests can always be prevented by maintaining cleanliness. Make sure that every corner of your house is clean and an inappropriate habitat for house pests. Do not forget to call pest control services immediately if you suspect severe infestations.

Written by Leonardo Fonte

Leonardo Fonte

My name is Leonardo Fonte and I am engaged in the destruction of rodents and pests. I have a pharmacological education and practice allergy treatment in the Tennessee hospital.